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Surviving A Heart Attack!

Emergency procedure in case of heart attack: Symptoms: Uneasy feeling, hard to breathe. Feel like throwing up. Slight dizziness. Vision looking blue/grey. One side of body no feeling. Action: Sit down – on floor or carpet – not on chair … Continue reading

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the big blue fish tank

how bemusing the view through bubbles of my ocean clear on sunny days, cloudy at times, with strong gusts occasionally misty cool, yet noisy and stormy on some nights so scary on deathly quiet days, peace turns to boring feats of … Continue reading

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Bridging Business twix the West and East and cultures inbetween…

Often, we ponder over the possibility [and futility] of embedding ourselves into another culture. Like immigrants off the boat, eking out a living from humble roots means a multitude of trials and mistakes await our aspirations. When we meet the natives, no … Continue reading

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Hello World!!!

If you think you need to get yourself organised, and are in conflict with your world, it may a simple case of understanding how it works. Here are some wisdoms. Continue reading

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