Update on: Global Crowdsourcing Project

some of you already know that i was mooting the idea, circa 2006, of having a platform to conveniently and [hopefully] painlessly, get a new business idea off the ground, hook up partners and funds, onto a global network rapidly for R&D, trials, localisation and deployment. some, who were in IBM or SUN then, may not be fortunately employed today.

others know i’ve been to see the minister of trade and industry about it in Nov 2008, and it has been endorsed as viable. a statutory board representative was put on the project to review and facilitate it. this is an update because i’ve been asked so many times about progress, that repeating myself is getting to be more stressful than doing an elevator pitch.

i’m in final stages of implementing a crowdsourcing network that links Asia together with its incubators. effectively, that means putting resources where the ideas are. all numbers are in, as well as presentations for non-techies plus the bean counters. project is now in final review before a committee presence is due.

i believe we all believe we have great untapped ideas. i was cleaning up my files circa 2000 and the 20+ business plans then, are likely to still work today, only because the tech is so pervasive and viral. but i realise i can never run even 10 of those businesses in my lifetime, so sharing the business is my mandate.

being the eternal optimist, i picked 7 countries. my close friend and PhD in computer science, Roland, hit me on the head with a beer mug [ouch, it still hurts] and cautioned me to start “small”, so it’s just 3 countries for now, namely SG, TWN, CN [2 states/SEZs]. we have a letter of support from a large Japanese entity which i’m not at liberty to flash, yet.


if you have an existing or new business that could do with project management on a global scale, let me know. mobile apps, svcs, automation, even ceramic arts or green tech, it wont matter, because the domain expert will be sourced from the world’s best, not from a review committee..IF the business makes sense.

if we all put in 30 mins a day of our time [this is NOT some MLM spiel], we can link our ideas to a “factory of resources” for R&D, global production and distribution. venture money will be parked nearer the ideas. that effectively grants us time to pursue our dreams at our own pace.

hopefully, sincerity and integrity will not be in short supply :p

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