Prayer for the Marketeer

Dear God

please help me to resist the money, forgive the manipulative, forget the 5 Cs, and remember sanity the way it was.

let me not stray into the incredilous, wander into obscenity, meander into the meaningless, nor fall into the proverbial pain of not keeping my trap shut.

equip me with the perseverance to job, the patience to tolerate repetitive stress syndrome of the ear, and the passion to pursue an achievable dream my way.

remind me occasionally to stay with a single-minded focus on truth’s alter ego [the real one! which is seldom in the news], and not the egoistic rantings often plastered on the internet.

forgive me when i am blindsided by: false friends who want to buy me drinks, dinner and fast cars, especially people with no money to throw around; women who don’t actually appreciate that men can think; men who appreciate women who can’t think; kids who believe my gaming skills are inherited; and animals who believe that their litter boxes are not for peeing…and not forgetting those dotcom babyboomers who didn’t actually make it but want to sell me the conference ticket to experience their failure.

bless me with a good health insurance plan, a supportive bunch of like-minded fools who believe in alien organic nanotechnology, and the availability to beer which is constantly -10 degrees to the last gulp.

i know you had the best intentions when creating the earth, but as your insignificant byproduct, i suspect this was a “work-in-progress”, and the art of marketing is another way of making the world feel good about itself.

your servant most humble


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