Microsoft MPEG-1 (50) Codec Missing

My friend converted some old music CDs for me, so I could trash them in favor of the hard disk. Then I discovered I couldn’t play them in WMP. Codec missing was the error message. I had the latest WMP version. Web search went nowhere. My last 11 CDs were just dead files. I couldn’t get a blip out of them. All the songs were in MP3 format, and my friend played it in front of me on his XP machine with no problems. So I watched the debate on the web go on for about 2 years, that Vista was the culprit, etc. Workarounds were to batch convert the songs with Winamp and other 3rd party converters. 

Suddenly, out of the blue, came a really simple solution…I cried tears of joy when i read it. Thanks Ty!

Find out how simple alternative thinking can be…here:

Re: Microsoft MPEG-1 (50) Codec Missing



Open the folder with the MP3 file in it that you want Windows Media Player
to play.

Click on “Organize” then “Folder and Search Options”. Choose the view tag.
Untick “Hide extensions for known file types”. Click “OK”.

Right click in blank area of the folder. Choose “Properties” then the
“Customize” tab. Select “Documents” from the drop down menu. Click “OK”.

You will now see files in the folder with their extensions. Change the
extension of the file you want WMP to play from “.mp3” to “.mp2”.

Double click the file. It will play in WMP. The Codec is there all the
time. It is an mp2 codec!

Don’t waste time looking for a codec that does not exist.

I hope this makes everybody happy.

Have a good day mate.


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