Who Do We Like To Learn From

Who do we like? What would we like to learn? Who would we like to learn form?

Not an annoying 101 tips, nor the textbook signups for database scams.

We want to listen to heroes who appeal to us, folks who are the simple people with the real world problems struggling to put food on the table. To nail the corporate suits, it also makes sense to learn from our competitors. After all, they probably spent a million dollars researching something before implementation, and we can save all that cash and angst if we just paid attention. I would like to learn all their mistakes, too. Please teach me.

Put aside the hardcore lesson takeaways, but the feelgood factor has to evoke tears in our eyes. Because we can’t afford to cry and show weakness. Because we can’t show fear in the face of our business adversities. Because we can’t show our human front in a business forged in a corporate world. We take no prisoners, right?




What utter rubbish! Pish and tush! Crap! Poopoo!

Of course, we can. After all, humans run companies. Companies need faces to sell stuff.

Would you prefer to face an understanding financial advisor hired by your creditor to arrange a payment plan? or his bulldog-toting debt collector issuing you a letter of demand? 

Miller Brewing Co, unionised brewer of great beer [ i love the crispy bite without the bitter aftertaste] used to have a tagline:

“Think when you drink!” in a symbol of a hazard signboard. It was in all their posters [I like].

Now, why would a beer company want to caution you from drinking their beer. It’s plastered on THEIR posters and in all their ads, right? Then it sets you thinking… if a beer drinker, one of their fans, actually had an accident, there’ll be one LESS customer! Whoa..

That is truly business, responsible to the end of the consumer’s wallet, with the signoff that the company cares. 

Small lesson. Big takeaway.

About felix lee

a change agent and philosopher, I have been in corporate business for about 28 years chiefly in marketing, events, PR and IT. this is a small way of sharing wisdoms in starting and re-inventing your business and running it holistically like you do with your life. i am learning to write ebooks and welcome tips from anyone who is happy to share them. please drop me a line anytime. Kindly forgive the messy housekeeping...
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