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  QLIPP Performance Tracker

Amazing is the impression I got, when I set eyes on this little performance tracker from 9 Degrees of Freedom. Imagine playing tennis in the styles of Williams, Federer, or Agassi. You don’t want to take the challenge? You prefer to live in denial, wondering where you actually stand, amidst the niceties of your partners shrugging off your poor backhand, or lack a topspin? It’s actually really easy.

When I reconnected with Donny and Cen from my early mentoring days circa 2003, a little device popped up on the table. A few minutes later, analytics surfaced, and profiles appeared. Whoa. 

I had to see it in the field, like MVP. And I had the opportunity to see the QLIPP tracker in action. Up against a Babolat Play Pure Drive racket!


The Qlipp Sensor snaps onto any racket in a few seconds, and syncs with your smartphone via Bluetooth in double time. You are good to go. By the way, it was fun looking at the player through the live camera feed [but this isn’t necessary]. Might be it’s just for the crowd effect at Wimbledon. LOL.

All the stats are live and immediate. Right after our guest player hits a serve, you can see topspin, slice, sweet spot, speed, all appearing in graphical format. So, some of us had fun commenting “Hey, you need more power to the forehand,” or “That was a pretty thin slice there” during the test match.


The Babolat though [see pic], had to be sync-ed after a session, and took some time to get stats with the phone. As some of us prefer a few rackets to match our moods, I had to beg a question: “Does that mean I would have to afford a few expensive rackets to have a good game?”.

QLIPP is a finalist (Digital Category) for the 2015 ISPO Munich BRANDNEW award, and they are accepting pre-orders [in cool trendy colours I am told].

I am proud of these guys. Enjoy the journey. Play on!


[and yes, I am still sulking over the lost opportunity of beating Facebook with our killer Frensville]



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