Surviving A Heart Attack!

Emergency procedure in case of heart attack:

  • Symptoms:

Uneasy feeling, hard to breathe. Feel like throwing up. Slight dizziness. Vision looking blue/grey. One side of body no feeling.

  • Action:

Sit down – on floor or carpet – not on chair [ cos one can fall down instantly on blackout ]

Try to keep head on same level as heart…eg lean on pillow/sofa/partner’s lap

Sip water [not drink, sip!] – If breathing doesn’t improve, [this is the acid test], go to next stage immediately

  •  Emergency SOP:

Lie on the floor, on your side in foetal position [who the hell cares about what you are wearing]

Cough like hell!

DO NOT STOP till you see red instead of blue

Keep going for 15 – 30 secs [even if you have pain on one side of your body, keep going]

If there’s no change, call the ambulance [any services with a defib unit]

If you feel better, don’t get up yet, till all symptoms above are gone


This procedure has saved me a few times [i am serious here].

Heart attack is NOT an instant episode, there are signs before it happens. Listen to your body.


I will not be held responsible if some person is trying to snuff you with a pillow, or your drink has been doped, or you lean too far forward out the balcony.

NOTES: Under NO circumstances should you try to throw up. If you do, you will choke in your own vomit!

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a change agent and philosopher, I have been in corporate business for about 28 years chiefly in marketing, events, PR and IT. this is a small way of sharing wisdoms in starting and re-inventing your business and running it holistically like you do with your life. i am learning to write ebooks and welcome tips from anyone who is happy to share them. please drop me a line anytime. Kindly forgive the messy housekeeping...
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