The Mistake That Learns

Never forget that we are someone else’s lesson. In whatever we do, we perform responses to every stimuli that surrounds us, speech or action, all form part of the drama we act in. How we react will inspire and influence our colleagues, children and impress our parents or friends. The same is equally true for any evil we create or participate in, only who we impress, is a subject of controversy.

The true lesson of any mistake is in the realisation. The experience of making a correction, and understanding that added value to your life, makes a solution possible. We now know there’s a way to solve that problem if it shows up again, in whatever form.

A teacher inspires, as part of his or her job, because it is a committed passion or a requirement for the post. But a teacher who smiles sincerely, or steps out of the way, is not doing so for money alone. Neither is a mentor who leads by example. 

Substance that is distilled from mistakes, shows/tells us that there is no hopeless solution. It is yet another problem in a different disguise. We need to look for the similarities, which will point us to the path around the problem, or the way toward tackling it. If you share a problem, there will be others who may be able to spot a pattern, then transpose [identify] yours onto their experience, and offer alternate results. 

There is always a solution to every problem. Do we know why?


Because every ONE of us has a choice! 


CHOICE is the single most powerful word in the world. 


Warren Buffet mentions that, like all of us, he was born with the options afforded to equal opportunity. It is how he used his choices despite the difficulties faced in his childhood, that made him the person he is, today.

How we use that to our advantage, cannot be explained by all the books in the world. How we use that to enrich others’ lives, is another challenge because free will belongs to one person only. It is really rare to find many who will share free will of theirs with you in almost everything. They will be giving up their choices in life so you can make it for them, or use their choices for your benefit, or better, for the collective benefits of others. 

The Dominican Monks is an example of those who do that, but it is also THEIR choice to be physically cut off from the world, and live by a vow of silence. Special charity causes to save the whales, sharks or tigers, perhaps. Or something as simple as following a leader on a hike. Maybe even listening to a lecturer. He point is, we have a choice.

Having a choice allows us to make mistakes. From those mistakes, we acquire wisdom. Sharing wisdoms is like sharing mistakes, so to a point, we are sharing opportunities to solve problems. Hey, that might be a business partnership!

Just imagine that we have to engage a personal tutor, to help us solve our everyday problems. We pay $1 for every answer he /she gives. Sometimes, it takes a minute for the answer, and at other times, it may take days. If we want to shorten the time it takes, we will have to pay more, or engage another tutor who specialises in that area. Alternatively, enrol for a course every time you encounter a field you are unfamiliar with, purely because you had to learn about the mistakes made in that area. That way, you won’t be making any of your own. 

Life wisdoms are exactly like that. One can never replace ones lessons, but you can add wisdom onto it with other people’s experiences. Learn to treasure them.


Hmmm… isn’t that why you are here?




Next…what type of people do you want to learn from?

About felix lee

a change agent and philosopher, I have been in corporate business for about 28 years chiefly in marketing, events, PR and IT. this is a small way of sharing wisdoms in starting and re-inventing your business and running it holistically like you do with your life. i am learning to write ebooks and welcome tips from anyone who is happy to share them. please drop me a line anytime. Kindly forgive the messy housekeeping...
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