WindowsUpdate_80070005 error – Why so serious?

It’s a wonder why we can put up with the monopoly of windows when the purchase contract changes constantly, predictably, regularly. The package says I get an operating system when I pay for the license and I will get what I pay for upon installation. The fine print is all together another chameleon. Right after I install ANY windows OS, I have to put up with an hour of “updates”. Does that mean that what I bought at the shop was NOT the entire package? Sure, there’re these “updates”, or patches, or fixes, or…oops, some Microsoft engineer forgot to debug a script before the deadline. Why oh why do we put up with this?

In 1990, I owned one of the early models of the Apple Macintosh Portable, all 1024Kb of RAM, 16Mhz processor and 1.44 diskette drive in wonderful 9.8″ monochrome which weighed in like 7Kg. [lead acid battery – yeah, as in car type] which had NO hard disk and cost USD 6,000.

Everything worked. Word, Stuffit, Diagnostics, even Pagemaker, and I would happily lug it around in a nice big polyester nylon case. 

These days, I have a slim MSI 640x with 4GB RAM, ATI Radeon HD4330 Graphics at 2.2Kg, costing one sixth of the price, and the OS still has bugs in it.  What’s wrong with this picture? You decide!

THE SOLUTION to the WindowzUpdate error is rooted to the fact you DO NOT have enough permission to install updates [duhhh!] . Creds to data engineer Stossman:

Re: Windows update fails WindowsUpdate_80070005

Here is the solution, it’s relatively simple and more importantly, it works!

1.Disable Windows Update
a.Click on start
b.Click on all programs
c.Click on accessories
d.Click on Run
e.Type services.msc and press ok
f.Right click on "Windows Update"
g.Click on stop (Windows Update is now disabled)
2.Rename Software Distribution folder
a.Navigate to: C:/Windows/
b.Find the folder named: “SoftwareDistribution”
c.Rename that folder to something like “SoftwareDistribution.old”
d.Create a new folder called “SoftwareDistribution”
3.Enable Windows Update
a.Click on start
b.Click on all programs
c.Click on accessories
d.Click on Run
e.Type services.msc and press ok
f.Right click on windows update
g.Click on start
If you are unable to find Software Distribution Folder, follow these
steps before #2 above.
1.From the explorer window press the Alt key to view the file menu.
2.Click Tools
3.Select Folder Options
4.Select the View tab
5.Select “Show hidden files and folders”
6.Remove the selection from “Hide protected operating system files”
7.Click OK
Restart your PC and you should be good to go!

Have fun people. It is serious business after all, as my living depends on it. I hope yours does, as well!

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