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How many of us yearn to express the creative aspects of our life, when we are trapped by technology around us?

Look up at that stratospheric cloud formation pierced by orange rays of God’s wand, the steam arising from a luscious bowl of double-boiled chicken broth with orange lycium, the towering billboard of lime green merging to a 3D bottle of fruit juice, the power of architecture, the happy grin of a child, the artistic labour of an insect, or the gentle froth of lapping waves overseen by the red of a tropical sunset. That list only ends with what we perceive…

Whether we are inspired by the visual, or awed by scale, there is an innate drive inside us to try to express ourselves. Often, we believe we cannot because we were not “taught” but the right approach is one where we strive past understanding how we have not “learned”, and that commitment can start with a few clicks to a friendly photographer… and you will be surprised [trust in humanity] how many photographers acknowledge the dreams and desires of the rest of us, in wanting to at least capture the beauty that nature has created, purely because every single photograph taken is UNIQUE.

Whether it is digitally lighted, or painted by a real bristle brush, it is your piece of humanity untouched by time. Archive it for yourself, or your kids, or your friends, or the world. Touch someone with your interpretation of your life… no words are required.

Be brave. Be unafraid. Pick up that camera and start snapping, because it EXPRESSES the view each of us has of the world around us, where NOT a single one is the same. Capturing and immortalizing a view is the closest thing to respecting what we see, and appreciating those little things not even kings may get to see.

Above all…SHARE it.

About felix lee

a change agent and philosopher, I have been in corporate business for about 28 years chiefly in marketing, events, PR and IT. this is a small way of sharing wisdoms in starting and re-inventing your business and running it holistically like you do with your life. i am learning to write ebooks and welcome tips from anyone who is happy to share them. please drop me a line anytime. Kindly forgive the messy housekeeping...
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