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Now that www.CatalystConnector.com is up and running, I am grateful to hardworking partners who have painstakingly and tirelessly populated it with the latest features and news in VAR and social media, much of which is highly relevant to the Asian scene. To those who helped with our last event, “Transform. Social Business 3.0”, a successful workshop and networking activity which lasted 9 hoursĀ for which we made gratis…THANK YOU!

[seems others were charging USD 500 for something remotely similar, as they were capitalising on the hot social business scenario].

UnConference and Business-Matching Networking events will become regular stuff. Keep eyes on, for more details, and a lot of linked-in members have been contacting me to attend, except the timing hasn’t been ideal. But stay optimistic, as we have been known to adjust timing for sponsors and speakers.

If you have been on stage, sharing stories and advice on the art of the start, or want to invite partners for a piece of the Asian markets, by crowd-sourcing or re-locating to market proximity, drop me a line to my linked-in account:



In November 2010, Mr Obama courted the Chinese with many promises of mutually beneficial trade opportunities in exchange for a floating Yuan during the G20 Summit. Perhaps he had chosen to forget that his office had already done this in 2008, and did not deliver on promises. The investments made by the mainland Chinese then, took a big hit, and valuation would have dropped a good 70% to be near the 20% mark. It is no surprise that pegging the Chinese Yuan [ren min pi] to the USD is a really bad idea. Some folks were saying that pegging the USD to the Yuan might be better to prevent the day when 1 Yuan = 1 USD. The Europeans have lost faith in the first Black American president, by urging the International Monetary Organisation [IMO] to step in.

The takeaway here is in the cultural misnomer of assuming a manufacturer will listen to the marketer – a serious error when you consider that Asian economies resorted to self-rule and financial governance after the colonial rule, in the drive to avoid manipulation by western financial instruments. I don’t think any change there is coming anytime soon. Singapore is one interesting hybrid, manipulating western instruments for Asian gain.

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