“a simplified and standardized conception or image invested with special meaning and held in common by members of a group”

relates to:

an·a·lyt·ics –The branch of logic dealing with analysis. (of a language) characterized by a relatively frequent use of function words, auxiliary verbs, and changes in word order to express syntactic relations, rather than of inflected forms.

use in:

Cloud-based analytics are designed to optimize user acquisition, increase conversion, aid viral growth, elevate social play mechanics, and maximize monetization. Over time, the data mined will enhance the ability to track and attract new user acquisitions over time.


Craig is quite the blank sheet of paper with wild scribbles all over the page.

Chong is the epitome of a PC manual with annotations below every paragraph.

Catherine is a poster of sleazy remarks rescinded by her ignorance.

Calvin is a field of missed passes aided by friends with opportunistic goals.

Callie is a maze of unexplored inhibitions seeking a determined predator.

Cecilia is a harbor of personae tinged with bitter experiences from her youth.

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a change agent and philosopher, I have been in corporate business for about 28 years chiefly in marketing, events, PR and IT. this is a small way of sharing wisdoms in starting and re-inventing your business and running it holistically like you do with your life. i am learning to write ebooks and welcome tips from anyone who is happy to share them. please drop me a line anytime. Kindly forgive the messy housekeeping...
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